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Clare Goldsberry

Gender has become not just a word to designate diversity but a word that is cause for divisiveness. In an age when “transgenderism” has suddenly arisen as young people decide they have been born in the “wrong” bodies; that they “feel” male but have a female body or the opposite and thus seek to transform their bodies surgically to conform to the “gender” with which they feel a greater association.

Judeo-Christianity has not done us any favors with gender designations according to body type in that the religious teaching gives us gender designations that last for eternity. When…

Very good analogy. I've always loved Plato's "cave" story. It fits well with Buddhism, whose philosophy tells us that the three poisons are attachment, hatred and ignorance. Attachment is a poison because we become attached to things we perceive to be "real" when in fact they are "mere appearance to mind," created in the mind by the mind.

The second poison is hatred/anger and it is a poison to us because hatred/anger only hurts ourselves - not those we hate or express anger toward.

The third poison is ignorance; ignorance of the way things truly exist (i.e. the shadows on the cave wall) that are not reality but mere shadows. Once we have the wisdom necessary to know how things truly exist, then we no longer are subject to attachment or hatred, and we find ourselves in the light of Ultimate Truth.

POND LILY (copyright by Clare Goldsberry)

By Clare Goldsberry

“Beyond diversity lies unity, first as a concept and then an experience. Beyond unity lies THAT which is beyond unity and diversity. Beyond THAT is silence. It is somewhere in this superb experience that the moment of truth will come.” Christmas Humphreys in The Western Approach to Zen

Unity is a word that has been tossed around a lot over this past week as we look toward something that will bring together a divided United States of America. We are always being promised “unity” by our various leaders, including our newly elected President Joe Biden. While many…

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland by Clare Goldsberry

I never thought I’d see the day when the U.S. Supreme Court would declare that churches are more dangerous than casinos. An editorial in the July 27 edition of the Wall Street Journal (Rendering Unto Caesars Palace) reviewed the latest SCOTUS ruling in a 5–4 decision: “Chief Justice John Roberts again joined the four liberal Justices to deny an application for injunctive relief from Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley. Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak’s order bars church attendance by more than 50 people, no matter the precautions taken. …

Pink Lotus by Clare Goldsberry

Part 3: If God is in control, why do we suffer?

Suffering for me had always been a mystery ever since I was a child. In Sunday School we would learn about people in the Bible who suffered and a God who saved them from their suffering. But, I reasoned in my childish mind, if God loves everyone why does He permit suffering? Take Job, for example. God and Satan were having a discussion about Job, a faithful servant of God, when Satan bet God that if God took away all of Job’s wealth, Job’s suffering would cause him to…

Clare Goldsberry’s Buddhist Altar

Part 2: What — and where — are Heaven and Hell?

The Christian heaven was always a mystery to me. My child-like mind could never quite understand the idea of a place that is beyond the physical place where I was born. While heaven was always described to me as a place where God lived along with the angels and all people who’d lived a righteous life, believed in Jesus Christ as their savior and been baptized. It was a beautiful place, so I was told and I should be very happy to life the sort of life that would…

Japanese Zen Buddhist Statue Maui by Clare Goldsberry

Question #1: Why is it that everyone is born into different circumstances of Life?

As a young teenager being reared in Protestant Christianity, there were many things about religion that I began to question at an early age. One of those big questions that bothered me came about during a “Missionary” evening at the church my family attended; an event held annually to raise money for the missionary family in Africa that our congregation helped support. After the pot-luck dinner we’d go upstairs to the sanctuary to watch a film sent by the missionary family that was working in what is now the Republic of Congo. …

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland Aug. 19, 2019 copyright Clare Goldsberry

The loss of this extremely important right under the U.S. Constitution can lead us down the slippery slope to the further loss of other rights.

One of the most astonishing events to have ever taken place in my lifetime — which at this point is 72 years — was the shuttering of houses of worship of all faiths — Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist. …

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

How humans seek to suck the energy from one another in order to gain power and control

Even as all 50 U.S. states take steps to open up their economies after more than two months of being in “lockdown” it is becoming increasingly obvious that the virus is no longer the primary problem. Every day we are slammed with headlines that continue to report “grim” news of “increasing” cases of Covid-19 and deaths, and dire warnings of a “second wave” of the virus that is sure to come, according to more guesstimates by computer models.

These headlines are creating societal problems that this country has never before experienced. Stories of shootings, fist-fights, and angry verbal exchanges by…

In a time of coronavirus pandemic no one, it seems, wants to go to the doctor.

Photo by Online Marketing on Unsplash

I knew something was up when I received an e-mail from my primary care doctor’s office inviting me to have a teleconference with her. It seems she was available and ready to consult with me on any health problems I might be experiencing or questions about Covid-19. I had no idea that her availability was quite open at this point in the pandemic, but it appears that she’s not the only one. Doctors nationwide are experiencing a dearth of patients.

I’d assumed that every…

Clare Goldsberry

I am a freelance journalist for business and industry publications; a writer of essays covering the spiritual, philosophical and scientific areas.

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